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TCP/IP to RTU Interface
The Interface TCP/IP to RTU is a Modbus TCP/UDP to RTU/ASCII gateway that enables a Modbus/TCP host to communicate with serial Modbus RTU/ASCII devices through an Ethernet network, and it can also eliminate the inherent cable length limitations of legacy serial communication devices. This interface can be used to create pair-connection applications (as well as serial-bridge or serial-tunnel applications), and can then route data over a TCP/IP connection between two serial Modbus RTU/ASCII devices, which is useful when connecting mainframe computers, servers or other serial devices which use Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols and self do not have Ethernet capability.


 Explosion proof case

 RS-485 COM Port

 Small size and low-power

 Allows automatic RS-485 direction control

 Double input power: PoE and DC

   The interface is equipment with a +12VDC to +48VDC jack that can be used to connect a power supply. If there 

   hasn't PoE switch available on site, then a DC adapter can also be used to power the interface.

 PoE and Ethernet RJ-45 Jack

   The interface is equipment with an RJ-45 jack that is used as the 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet port and features 

   networking capabilities. When an Ethernet link is detected and an Ethernet packet is received, the Link/Act LED 

   (Orange) indicator will be illuminated. When power is supplied via PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), the PoE LED 

   (Green) Indicator will be illuminated.


Serial Port Definition


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